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Hayley Woodhead
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Hayley Woodhead

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Hayley is the owner of Boss Babes Bootcamp is a fully qualified and licensed Personal Trainer and also has a Bachelor of Nutrition majoring in sports and exercise science.


Hayley is the owner and trainer of Boss Babes Bootcamp she is determined to beat the stereotypical ‘gym’ or ‘bootcamp’ where the focus is on losing weight and looking a certain way.  Hayley’s goal is to make exercise the best part of your day. Whether you are doing this in a morning bootcamp to get the day started, unwinding at the end of the day at an afternoon bootcamp session or squeezing a PT session anywhere in between.

Exercise makes you shine from the inside out and Hayley believes that if you focus on healthy eating and working out to the best of your ability the results will flow on from this. Consistency is the key to success as motivation can fade away, what will get you from A to B is creating habits and determination to succeed.

Hayley is also passionate about creating a safe space for women of all ages to come and workout it’s all about community, uplifting, motivation and cheering on one another.


  • Bachelor of Nutrition major in sport and exercise science
  • Cert 3&4 in Fitness
  • Current First aid & CPR

HOBBIES: Fitness, beach , mountain climbing ,pretty much anything that involves the outdoors. I also love hanging out with my family, friends and my gorgeous German Shepherd.

FAVOURITE FOOD: The list is very long because I love food but combination of cheese and wine is my favourite treat .

FAVOURITE TV SHOW / MOVIE: The vampire diaries and i also love all the Harry Potter movies as well

FUN FACT: I’m qualified nutritionist majoring in sports and exercise science

INITIAL MOTIVATION TO START IN FITNESS: After moving here from country Victoria I was looking for something that would push me as well as somewhere that I could make new friends. I also previously went to a normal gym but I was still unable to do a push up on my toes or a chin up and they were serious goals of mine.

I love meeting all the different types of people that come down to our Bootcamps in Caloundra. Listening and learning what their goals are and working with them to be able to achieve these goals. I love seeing people that would usually not feel comfortable in a group session bring out their inner BOSS and completely dominate the session that i have set out for that day.

My life goal is to create a life that I love and I enjoy living, this does involve a million other goals as well 🙂

Consistency is the key to any success be in life or crossfit. I also believe that motivation fades, what gets you from A to B is determination and creating habits.

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