10 Reasons why you should join your local Boss Babes Bootcamp

I absolutely love Bootcamp style training and I want to tell you why you should join your local fitness group! If you have previously been to a another boot camp style fitness group and you did not feel comfortable or think it was for you. Then fear not Boss Babes Bootcamp is run by a fully qualified PT instructor and offers a non threatening way to train in a safe and caring atmosphere and best of all it’s Woman only! So if you have been before and didn’t think it was quite for you. Give it a go for a few weeks consistently and I bet you will change your mind!

If you have never been before these are the main reasons I run a bootcamp which I have named Boss Babes Bootcamp and why you should join your local version!


Having someone to answer to means you will work that little bit harder. If you had the same workout to do at home you would start off with a great work rate but as soon as you start to get tired you would slack off. At a Boss Babe bootcamp the coach is there to motivate you and get the best out of you. Don’t worry we will not beast you within an inch of your life, we want you to enjoy it, not hate it! If we can see you’re trying your best that’s all we can ask for.


Within a few sessions you will have made friends very quickly. You have all been through a gruelling workout and this will make you bond. People that sweat together tend to make friends! At Boss Babes Bootcamp the ladies all look forward to seeing each other and they genuinely care about each other. Talking over problems they have been having with their kids or at work etc and they feel much better for chatting to someone else about it.


This might be seen as a negative to some! I am not a massive fan of the cold, however I LOVE the outdoors and as long as I am dressed appropriately I can bare it more! Yesterday we trained and our cars were frozen, the ground was icy and the grass was frosted…BRRRRRRR! We got on with it and when we were done we felt great and looked forward to the rest of the day. My Boss Babes find it hard to drag themselves out of their warm houses to come to Boss Babes Bootcamp on the dark evenings, however they now say they sleep SO much better and we put that down to enjoying the great outdoors.


If you attend our bootcamp at least twice a week I guarantee you will get fitter! If you were going to the gym you probably will do the same thing most times and not challenge yourself. At a bootcamp it is our job, as the coach, to challenge and make sure that we are progressively making the exercises harder or more complex. So those exercises you thought you would NEVER be able to do soon become possible!


If you attend a bootcamp you will be surrounding yourself with people that have a healthier outlook. The Coach obviously has a passion for health and fitness and this will rub off. I guarantee you will learn more about healthy eating being part of boot camp, especially for the fact that our head coach Hayley is q university qualified nutritionist. I share recipes on our Facebook group and home workouts for when we are not training.


The first rule of Boss Babes Bootcamp is to have FUN! Every session we laugh and this is a big part of why people keep coming back. Every session we have music pumping and i tend to spend time with each and every person to make sure that they are still having fun. Don’t get us wrong it will be hard and you will get pushed but at the core happiness and fun is what we are relying on. We also mix it up with different surprise locations every now and then to keep everyone on their toes.


We all have different types of stress and bootcamp is an AMAZING stress relief. I have had ladies turn up after a horrible day at work or a hair pulling out day with their kids and they leave smiling! Once you get going the stresses of your day just leave you and you end up going home a different lady!


This is linked to making friends, however in larger groups people tend to stick with people that they joined with but that doesn’t mean newbies are left alone. As a coach I always put newbies with the veterans (ha ha) that have been going for a while. This way they look after and help the newer members feel comfortable. To give an added sense of community we socialise on a monthly basis, this can be a meal, a smoothie a cake and a coffee or just a long walk or mountain climb.


So let’s just go over a few of the points above, you have more friends, you’re fitter, you’re having fun, you’re less stressed and you’re healthier which means you will have lost weight. So what does that mean? You’ll be a whole lot happier! Happier in yourself, means more body confidence, you will have more patience for your kids and partner as you’re less stressed. You have other women to talk about your problems and we all know how good we are at solving problems when we put our heads together!


My final point is price. You are getting a great workout with high quality coaching from someone who has spent years learning and perfecting her skills around not only personal training and coaching but is a fully qualified nutritionist with a major in sports and exercise science. All of this value for sessions as low as $10 each you can’t beat that price or the value you are getting for it! Best of all Boss Babes Bootcamp offers a free trial with no obligations to make sure that you feel 100% comfortable. Go on be a BOSS!